New research shows that the eyes are involved in Parkinson's Disease

The eyes have similar cells and appear to be connected to the motor center of the brain

A new treatment may be more effective than PD medication alone

This discovery could make a major difference in treating PD

The eyes may be involved in cause and progression of Parkinson's Disease

Treating Parkinson's disease through the eye may be more effective than medication alone.

More information about the eyes and PD

The eye in PD

Recent research shows: dopamine neurons in the retina and substantia nigra may be connected and the eye may act as a dopaminergic signal or thermostat for the brain.

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New Treatment

Special photoreceptors in the eye regulate brain chemistry and depend on light to function. This process may be compromised in PD. However, administering specialized phototherapy may improve PD beyond standard DA medication.

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Evidence from both animal and human studies shows that the eyes may be involved in the cause and progression of PD. A new type of phototherapy may be more effective in treating Parkinson's symptoms.

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