Clinical Trials

Previous investigations with light therapy and Parkinson’s disease have shown improvement in Parkinson’s symptoms. The most recent analysis included 129 subjects, with the binned data averaging nearly four years. This analysis showed highly significant improvement. Although these studies are encouraging, a double-blind investigation is needed to validate their findings.

PhotoPharmics, Inc. is currently conducting a pivotal investigation to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of specialized phototherapy for Parkinson’s disease. The investigation is a randomized double-blind, parallel design. The trial duration for each participant is 7 ½ months: A two-week baseline assessment period, six month treatment period, and one-month follow-up.

This investigation is being conducted at three sites: Amsterdam (NL), Boston (MA, USA), and Salt Lake City (UT, USA)


Parkinson’s patients who are at least 45 years old, on a stable dose of Parkinson’s medication, and whose symptoms affect their activity but still allow them to be ambulatory (get around). Participants should have relatively good eyesight or corrected eyesight of 20/60 or better.

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